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20 Gift Ideas Under $50 for the Little Ones in Your Life

20 Gift Ideas Under $50 for the Little Ones in Your Life

Circuit breaker has ended, but it will be awhile before we are able to gather with our friends and loved ones. During this period, we’ve loved sending our gift sets to your friends and family, and writing messages to show your care and support for them.

In the spirit of spreading more cheer, we’ve curated a gift guide of 20 gift ideas for the little ones in your life that are: 

  • Age-appropriate 
  • Thoughtful
  • Practical
  • Affordable  

Whether you're looking for new born baby gift, 1st birthday gift or just want to send some care and love - we've got you covered! All brands are homegrown labels for you to #supportlocal. Leave us a comment below if you like this gift guide, or would like to suggest other brands to add to this list!

New Born Gift Ideas (0-6 months old)

Hold off the adorable clothes, toys and shoes – what’s most essential for new born babies is to meet their most basic tiny human needs such as sleep, food, health and of course, love! Let Mums take care of the feeding (as babies under 6 months usually feed exclusively on breast/formula milk), but you can definitely help her out on the other aspects

1. MOMO + BUBS Fitted Cot Sheets (From $45)

Photos from: MOMO + BUBS  

Cot sheets are a key essential for new parents, as they welcome their little bundle of joy into their new crib. MOMO + BUBS fitted cot sheets are so luxuriously soft, that parents can lay their baby's bare skin on it. Made with 4-ply 100% organic cotton muslin, their sheets are thicker than most other muslin sheets in the market. New born baby gift sets are also available from $70. 

We love that MOMO + BUBS is lovingly designed by a Mum (Kim), then tried and tested with Eli (her bub!). Read our interview with Kim, the founder of MOMO + BUBS, to learn more about Kim’s motherhood journey and why she started MOMO + BUBS.
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2. Little Suite Muslin Swaddles ($39.90)

Photos from: Little Suite

One of the cutest things you’ll probably ever see is a sleeping baby swaddled up like a burrito. Swaddles are meant to help new born babies sleep snuggly and soundly, which makes them another new parent essential! Little Suite’s Muslin Swaddles are made from the softest 100% organic cotton, pre-washed for softness against baby’s delicate skin. Muslin stays breathable while keeping baby warm and cuddly.

We love that Little Suite’s Swaddles come in a range of beautiful colours and have many other versatile uses like a nursing/stroller cover or blanket for babies!

Shop here

3. Luvelle Personalised Baby Pillows ($28)


Luvelle’s baby pillows are sized for the little ones, making them great for hugs and travels. They come in a range of simple, clean and contemporary designs which makes it a beautiful, elegant gift!

 We love that you can personalise the pillow, and even the box! New born gift sets also available from $60. 

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4. Inara Organics Balms (From $8.50) 

Photo from: Inara Organics 

Inara Organics Balms are made from 100% natural ingredients. Their balms are a lifesaver for a multitude of baby woes such as Soothie Woothie for diaper/nappy rashes or Sleepy Balm, which is excellent for calming baby down and for Mummy to get some well deserved rest. Not sure which balms to get? Check out their new born gift set ($65).

We love that Inara Organics was lovingly created by a Mum, Nina who used to work as a nurse! 

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5. Annie+Alex Personalised Hooded Wrap Towel + Engraved Teether Set ($54) 

Photo from: Annie+Alex

This personalised baby gift is perfect to give and to receive! The hooded wrap towel is perfect for Mama to use as baby’s bath towel while the wooden teethers are wonderful for teething babies.

We love the options for personalisation – the hooded wrap towel comes with baby’s name embroidered while wooden teethers are inclusive of name engraving!  

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Gift Ideas for Babies (6-12 months old)

The 6 month mark is an exciting period for parents as their baby is now starting on solids, sitting up and starting to (kind of) talk! We feature some ideas to help parents get started with their little one’s first food journey and diaper bag essentials as they go out exploring the world! 

6. Baby Food Kitchen Weaning Guide ($34.90) 

Photo from: Baby Food Kitchen

Baby Food Kitchen is a compilation of 44 meals ideas and healthy recipes for babies from 4 months on. Recipes are easy to make and feature a variety of cuisines including local flavours like Baby Bak Chor Mee, Lychee-Banana-Carrot Muffins, and Fusion Idlis. All the recipes are naturally flavoured without sugar, salt, or seasoning, and have been a hit with both babies and adults!

We love the beautifully illustrated recipes, Asian inspired creations, and that it’s created by Valerie who is a full time management consultant, and Mum to baby Tory! Read our interview with Valerie, as she shares with us about her motherhood journey and how she got started with Baby Food Kitchen.

Shop here

7. Wen's Feeding Gift Set ($49.90)

Photo from: Wen's

Wen’s seafood powders are easy for Mummies to use as seasonings that they can add during or after any cooked meals. This gift set also comes with a silicon bib for mess-free meal times, and a cutlery set designed for babies' and toddlers hands to promote safe self-feeding

We love that this baby gift set is such great value for money, making it the perfect gift for Mummy and Baby’s journey with first foods!   

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8. Little Blossom Organic Baby Puffs Gift Set ($35) 

Photo from: Little Blossom

Sneaking ourselves into this list, and here’s why – our organic baby puffs come in 4 yummy flavours and are guilt free, heathy snacks for babies 9 months+ as they contain no added sugar, salt or preservatives! 

Our gift set comes with 4 packs of organic baby puffs to keep the little ones busy munching away, while the parents kick back and relax to read about parenthood stories in our book - In Time, We Blossom.  

Psst – we’re also planning a new collaboration with State of Matters for a new limited edition gift set ;) Stay tuned, and follow us on IG to get notified when we launch! 

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9. Gentlelove Travel Changing Mats ($26.90) 

Photo from: Gentlelove

This travel size waterproof changing mat is perfect for parents to use as a hygienic changing surface for public areas, a sheet saver to contain any leak on stroller & car seats or can be rolled out anywhere for baby to play and sit on!

We love the versatility and practicality of this mat – it’s surely a diaper bag staple for parents. It also comes in a variety of adorable prints, with animals being our favourite!

Shop here

10. Little Bearnie x Gentlelove Bib and Teether Bundle Set ($45)

Photo from: Little Bearnie 

Teething can be very upsetting for babies and toddlers, so Little Bearnie’s Silicone Teethers are designed with textured surface with high quality materials to help in soothing teething pain. Gentlelove’s Bibs are also fun & functional to resolve little one’s messy mealtimes – the perfect combination!

We love the adorable and fun range of designs that both brands have to offer!  

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Gift Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 years old)

Baby’s first birthday has arrived, and they are slowly transforming into independent little ones! Here are some gift ideas to help introduce them to activities that help develop their motor and cognitive skills. 

11. Owl Readers Club Books (From $10) 

Photo from: Little Bearnie 

Owl Readers Club offers curated collection of children’s books titles that are suitable for all ages – babies, toddlers and younger readers. We love the range of titles in English, Mandarin and even dialect. Add $5 for a gift box, to help parents to cultivate the love for reading with their little ones from young! 

12. Josh and Cherie Gift Book Box (From $33.90) 

Photo from: Josh and Cherie

Josh & Cherie Book Gift Bundles are thoughtfully curated for every special occasion - birthday gifts, or just as a surprise for your special little ones. Books are available for every age from 0 months – 7 years old. All bundles are lovingly packed into a gift box and includes a handwritten card!

We love the option to add literary milestone cards (+$15.90) to help parents to capture their little one’s literacy milestones and memorable moments! Perfect as a 1 year old birthday gift.

Shop here

13. Dough n Me Rainbow Sensory Rice ($16.70) 

Photo from: Dough n Me

The Rainbow Sensory Rice is a simple yet rewarding play method, to introduce to the little ones. Just pour it into any bucket/pail/box and the little ones will be ready to explore!

We love that the colours itself are attractive and interactive. You can even add into the rice other playing toys or flash cards for a different experience each time!

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14. En Stories 5 Layer Rainbow Set ($45) 

Photo from: En Stories

An open-ended toy that sparks little one's imagination! They can stack them, balance them, use them as bridges, a tunnel for their cars or even a see-saw. Mummies can even paint them with En Stories' Silicate Mineral paint, acrylic paint or wood dye.

Co-founder Charlize loaned this set to us for our photoshoot and all the little ones loved it! As adults, we only saw it as a rainbow, but all the kids imagined them differently and had so much fun playing with it. Read our interview with Charlize, as she also shares more about her motherhood journey, and why she got started En Stories.

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15. The Tiny Trove Play Dough Set ($23)

Photo from: The Tiny Trove

The Tiny Trove's play doughs are silky soft, long lasting, non-sticky and non-oily. Lovingly handcrafted with little hands in mind, their doughs provide the perfect platform for creative, tactile and sensorial learning experience whilst developing fine motor skills for little ones through sensory play!

We love that the doughs come in a range of gorgeous colours, and that you can even choose to have your dough scented with essentials oils!  

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Gift Ideas for Kids (3 years and above)

It's time for little ones to head to pre-school. It's an exciting new milestone in their lives, so here are some gift ideas to prepare them for their new adventures! 

16. Chubby Chubby’s children’s masks ($12) 

Photo from: Chubby Chubby

Wearing masks outdoors has become the new normal, and this will definitely be an essential for kids going back to school. Chubby Chubby’s masks are made of 100% cotton material, and comes with adjustable elastic ear loops and filter pocket insert.

We love the variety of beautiful prints that can help to bring some cheer to the little ones faces, and that 20% of the proceeds will also be donated to charity!

Shop here

17. Colour Me Mats Reusable Silicone Colouring Mats (From $16.80)

Photo from: Colour Me Mats

These reusable silicone colouring mats are not only great for colouring, but are educational and tell a story with each scene. Perfect for helping children to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, coordination and finger grip, and also for parents to colour together and guide their little ones through each story!

We love that Colour Me Mats was lovingly created by two Mummies who love picture books and strongly believe in minimising screen time for their children. Read our interview with co-founder Jaclyn, as she shares with us about her motherhood journey and how she got started with Colour Me Mats.

Shop here

18. Fusspot and Foodie Movie Movie Night Munchies (From $60) 

Photo from: Fusspot and Foodie

Treat your friends to a 4-course movie-night inspired meal, with delicious, fresh grub for their entire family to enjoy! Includes crunchy organic popcorn, juicy baked chicken wings or falafels, a gourmet twist on a famous Mumbai street food with 'Bollywood' toasties and some DIY Ice-cream sandwiches!

We love that when you order a family meal, you help support a family in need. Fusspot and Foodie will donate a portion of each sale to Daughters of Tomorrow to sponsor healthy groceries for the families of single mums affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic slowdown.

Shop here

19. Typocraft Personalised Children’s Wet Bag ($25.90) 

Photo from: Typo Craft

These best selling wet bags are mummy's favourite when it comes to organising, storage especially for children in infant care and child care.

We love the huge variety of adorable prints and that everything is handmade and lovingly personalised by Mummy Lynn!  

Shop here

20. Love Bonds Conversation Cards ($15.90) 

Photo from: Love Bonds

These parent-and-child conversation starters are meant for parents to use to initiate a range of meaningful conversations with their child, instead of just the usual "How was your day in school?" This helps to train children to be mindful of their own feelings and thoughts, as it becomes a habit for them to have such conversations.

We love the mission of Love Bonds and spoke with co-founders Michelle and Serene about the importance of helping parents foster meaningful conversations with their children. Read our interview with them here.

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