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Free shipping for orders above $30
Free shipping for orders above $30


1. If I order today, when can I receive my order? And what is your shipping fee?

You will receive your order within 2-4 working days.
Singapore: Shipping is $3.90, or FREE for orders over $30.

2. Do you have express delivery?

Yes! If you need it your order urgently, express shipping (1-2 working days) is available at check out, rates start at $15. 

3. What age are the products suitable for?

Puffs: We recommend our puffs for babies 9 months and up, or once your baby is comfortable eating solids. For younger babies that just started solids, we suggest to mix our puffs with milk to make it softer! Our puffs are also suitable for toddlers and kids!

Cereal: We recommend this for babies 6 months+, once they have started solids or show signs of being ready. If they are between 4-6 months but have started showing signs of being ready for solids (i.e. sitting upright, good head & neck control), you may consider giving it a try.

Fruity & Veggie Sticks: We recommend our sticks for toddlers 1 year and above. For younger ones, you may consider trying if they are comfortable chewing. Our sticks are also loved by older kids! 

4. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! But international shipping rates will apply for locations outside of Singapore and Malaysia. Drop us an email at for more assistance!

5. Are there any allergens? (nuts, eggs, dairy, gluten etc)

Puffs & Cereals: We do not use ingredients like nuts, soy, dairy or eggs in our products. But it is made in a factory that uses milk and eggs for other products. The line is cleaned before producing our products.

Fruity & Veggie Sticks: May contain gluten or soy

6. Do you have any retail stores?

We are currently stocked with the following retail partners: Cold Storage, Marketplace, Redmart, Little Farms, Mothercare, Motherswork, Vitakids. Please click here for the full list of locations. 

7. How do I redeem my rewards/free pack?

Please refer to this guide here. Should you face any further issues, feel free to reach us on chat or email at

8. Can I apply more than 1 promo code at check out? 

Unfortunately, our store only allows 1 promo code to be used at check out. This applies to rewards redemption as well. 

9. I heard rice based products tend to have traces of heavy metals (Arsenic, Lead, Mercury) in them. Should I be concerned? 

Every batch of our puffs that is produced is tested for heavy metals (Arsenic, Lead, Mercury) here were NO traces found of such compounds. Hence you can rest assured that your little ones will be safe :) 

To find out more, you can click here

10. How can brands collaborate with you? 

We are open to collaborations with like-minded brands across relevant categories. Please drop us a message on our "contact" page or email us at and we'll get back ASAP!